Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Submission Guidelines

Hello All,

Below are some guidelines to follow when submitting documents and images to us in the future:

1. Save documents in .rtf (rich text format) - This allows for easy viewing across platforms and programs.

2. File names should include your last name, and be named sequentially - ex. - Smith01.jpg, Smith02.jpg or Smithwriteup2.rtf. (You should also title your clip drive using your name.)

3. Documents should use 12pt. Times (or New Roman), and be double-spaced with 1" margins.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Have a nice weekend,


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Important Stuff

In an effort to be more explicit in our instruction, here are some things that we've discussed lately:

- Pour for Haiti - Alfred Foundry - Sat. 2.6.10, 14:00-20:00

- Media Performance in Holmes Auditorium - 1.26.10 @ 19:30
- written response due to me via email Sun. 1.31 by 23:59.
(anything after this time will not be considered)
- 1/2 page, double-spaced Word.doc attachment,
art history caliber document

- Blog edits - final edits, image and video postings due by Sun. 1.31 by 23:59.
(anything after this time will not be considered)
- text should be to same level as response documents
- make sure that all of your name stamps on your posts have your proper name on them
(not a nickname or some exaggerated form of your name)
* all of the above are considered in evaluation of your project

- Images - full-resolution images from Exquisite Object should be emailed to me by Sun. 1.31 by 23:59

-CMAP - bring your CMAP to class on Monday (either on your laptop, clip drive, cd). Ensure that the file contains the resource folder. If the folder is not there, the file will not work! It is your responsibility to have an operable file. No excuses.
- Blair will be meeting with you individually to check your progress (He will send guidelines.)

-Perfect Object - due in the beginning of class Mon. Feb. 1
- bring object that you replicated
- provide key (ratio)
* remember that accuracy of measurement is critical in evaluation of your object

- Building Materials - Mon. Feb. 1 - Bring collected building materials to class: light materials to build big!
ex. - cardboard, chicken wire, paper, glue, masonite

- Paper - remember to continue to collect used office paper. Newspaper and advertisements are also ok.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Peter's balance bike: 10 a.m. -12 Sunday

Peter's balance bike:10 a.m. -12 Sunday

Peter's balance bike: 10 A.M. -12 Sunday

Perfect Object- The Rules

1) Find a three dimensional object that you can carry.
2) Restricted Objects- Cell Phone, iPod, Chapstick, Pen, Pencil, Keys, Books, Lighter, Currency, Wallet, Glasses, Watch, Nothing that accompanied you to class today.
3) No two students may have the same object.
4) Students have 10 minutes to retrieve and have objects approved by the faculty. First come, first serve.
5) Create a PERFECT representation of an object in plasticine.
6) The representation must be no larger than   4"x 3"x 3"

Exquisite Object Project 10pm-12pm Sunday January 24th, 2010

The Task?

: I wanted to bring completion to the Exquisite Object Project.

The bike had been torn, ripped, and thrown. The pieces scattered across the ground. The bike was merely a memory, a moment, an afterthought. I decided to remind people that among the piles of rubble, there once was a bike. So I gathered the pieces, and attempted to put the puzzle pieces back in place. This is a sped up collection of my process in creating this piece.

I wanted to use my prior footage, as a part of an installation piece, where the viewer feels as though they are riding the bicycle through time, watching my project come to a completion, from start to finish.

Sunday/Monday 12am-2am

The previous time slot was mixed up between me and another student, so I was forced to go into this slot.

The person prior to me had reassembled the bike and had added the word, "Complete." Seeing how fitting it was for the project to end in a similar way that started, I decided to add my own take onto the return of the original bike's form. I noticed that one of the words that still remained was "Evolved," and so I wondered what was so "Evolved" about the bike now. I then thought it would be interesting if I were to add on to the bike's returned form but add a little bit of irony and comedy to the mix. So, I decided to gather a bunch of duck tape and newspaper, and tried to half-jokingly patch up the broken bike and some of its parts. The previous person had assembled the form together, but I added newspaper to the rims of the wheels and then surrounded the wheels with ducktape so that they would bounce (almost) like rubber. One of the other wheels was broken, so I used ducktape and newspaper to reassemble it into its wheel shape. I also ducktaped certain areas in the frame and around the seat, and then I topped it off with a "FOR SALE" sign. I then replaced "Evolved" with "Regressed," as the bike, while still "Complete" in its own way, had regressed from its original, well-designed form into a makeshift joke.

Exquisite Object 10pm-12pm January 24th, 2010

The Task?

: To bring completion to the evolving Exquisite Object Project.

When I walked into the studio, this is what I first encountered...

I did not have a set plan for my approach to this project, so I decided to sweep it clean, and begin with a blank canvas....

The bike had been torn, ripped, and thrown. The pieces scattered across the ground. The bicycle was merely a memory, a moment, an afterthought. I decided to remind people, that even among the piles of rubble, there once was a somewhat functioning bicycle. I felt that a bicycle has sentimental value, it brings back memories of childhood, of viewing, and of ever evolving foundations projects. So, one by one, I gathered the parts, and attempted to puzzle the pieces back in place. I recorded myself in the process, starting from the blank canvas, and moving onward. In the essence of time, I thought that speeding up the video would not only give my viewers the information they needed, but also give them an inside glance into the process.

I wanted to use my prior footage of my process in creating this piece, and make it part of an installation piece, where the viewer feels as though they are riding the bicycle through time, watching my project come to life.

The words that I used to describe my piece were evolve, deliberate and I chose to add the word, complete. I chose this because we started with the bike, and I essentially brought the bike back to life, and therefore I wanted to use one of the original words, complete.

- Linsey

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hi, I'm Fredrickson.
I am a garbage monster.
I prefer recyclables.
Especially foam.
When I was first created i was completely white.
I was a sad little white Fredrickson.
Then one day I met a little monster named Dunkaroo.
Dunkaroo brought out the color in me.
I quickly grew fond of my new friend.
But Dunkaroo wasn't looking any new friendships.
It didn't take long for him to become extremely annoyed with me.
We got in a fight last night.
That is why I am sad and he is yelling.
hopefully he will learn to be my friend again.
The End

8:00-10:00 Evolved, Deliberate, Alive

Sunday 6pm - 8pm

Upon arriving at the Exquisite Object, I found myself rather uninspired and at a loss as to what next to do with this pile of parts. I looked at the current state of the bike and its components for some time, thinking of how I could alter it in a fresh way.
Weary of pondering this question, I simply began moving pieces about, hoping that some arrangment of parts might spark an idea. Eventually I came upon the thought of creating a scenario based around cartoony figures, adding some personality to the piece.
To be honest, I wasn't too excited about the idea but since I was under a time limit and wasn't coming up with anything better at the moment, I went with it.

Exquisite Object 6-8 Saturday (delayed)

Starting with the words Macabre, Suspended and Trapped; I ended with the words Climax, Suspended and Trapped.

How the words relate:
Suspended: to hold or keep undetermined; refrain from forming or concluding definitely.
to come to a stop, usually temporarily; cease from operation for a time.
The orange fan cover is like a dog on a leash trying to get away. The fan is suspended in time, it is undermined if the fan is going to get off the leash or get pulled back.

Climax: a decisive moment that is of maximum intensity or is a major turning point in a plot.
Motion is in the sculpture with the fan cover leaning forward towards the semi-translucent sheet. This motion is at its climax; the fan is about to reach the end of its chain, will it be able to get out?

Trapped: to catch in a trap; ensnare
Is the fan trapped and trying to break though the sheet? or, Is the sheet a clever trap?
With twine attached to poles and other objects its difficult to see if they are holding something in or leading something into a trap.

Finished Product:

I developed my sculpture around the words trapped and suspended.
At first my idea was to create a structure that hides an object in motion, therefore only certain points reveled what was inside. Completely surrounding an object was not necessary, one wall would work.

towards the end of the two hour time slot the sculpture became something I wouldn't of thought of at the beginning. If I were to change anything, I would change the hight of the wall and add something to the white part of the ground.

Click here to see a short video I made of my sculpture.

The Bike Goes Geometic

When I walked into Harder Hall this afternoon, I saw that the bike, or what was left of the bike was painted completley white. At first I thought about changing the color of it, but then I decided that I would change my word to be "geometric." My work included taking things down that were suspended from the ceiling and clearing out parts of the bike that weren't circular. I cut the handle bars and flipped them over to the non-white side, and cut out circles from the bike seat.

Exquisite Object

My first idea for this piece, was to crate some kind of order in the chaos. I started by moving every individual piece outside the square to organize them into groups according to size and shape. I then laid them out in accordance with these groups. The objects that seemed in some way more important, I strung up. I changed the sculpture from being a object of accident to a deliberate assemblage of shapes.

Saturday 4-6pm(delayed)

When I first went to harder and saw what I had to work with, what was done prior to me kind of reminded me of a wedding draped wedding veil, also there was a blockade made around the bike parts in which when in half looked like meat, possibly legs of lamb or such. So what I ended up aiming for was trying to create a meat processing machine out of the bike parts, along with hanging the full sized leg of lamb from the bicycle chain through the veil in which I also dripped a red liquid down through out. The word that I altered was from white to macabre meaning-gruesome and horrifying.

Sunday 8am-10am

Saturday 10pm-12pm

so this whole bicycle deal. the bicycle was no longer a pedal driven human - powered vehicle of transportation by ten on saturday night, while it had originally been functional, only individual components of the machine were left. it had been completely deconstructed, almost to an unrecognizable point. i created a sort of mobile with the smallest screws and nuts and bolts. i suspended them from one of the tire rims using left over white string, a material that had been left behind by someone previously. its ultra whimsical. its childish and freakish. its girlsy. and its what i made. i'm pretty sure the barbie hands were a real genius addition. just saying.

Saturday 8pm-10pm

From observing what the girl before me did, the simplistic and geometric elements of it stood out to me. However, I felt like I needed to bring in more of the bike back into the work. When I looked at all the materials that were being used and that had been used, swept up in piles and scattered around the room, I noticed the relationships that each of the parts had with each other. I saw all the different angles they created, and so decided this would be the new element I was going to bring into the piece -angularity. I decided to add wood sticks left over from the bridge project and a dismembered doll, and used all other materials that I found around the room. The relationship between the natural parts -soil, wood, suggested human form, and the metal and rubbery bike parts was very interesting to me.