Monday, March 1, 2010

Topographic Map

To be honest, I thought that this project was pretty interesting; taking a two-dimensional system and translating it into a three-dimensional system is a fascinating process. However, looking back on it now, I didn't really realize just how fascinating or how much potential there could be in the whole process – to be honest, my understanding of the project's potential was pretty limited. Many of the assignments that have been provided in this class have interested me, but I never seem to realize the full potential of each project until I see the work of my fellow classmates. Instead, I simply focus on finishing the project rather than exploring the myriad possibilities. The result? A disappointing one. Looking at the rest of class's work, I feel pretty meager and insignificant. Sure, I could tout that I measured accurately and reproduced an accurate 2:1 translation of my topographical map, and that I tried to explore color to visually "pop" each layer, but then what of my materials or my presentation? Bland, uninteresting, and probably lacking in nearly every aspect. Taking this to heart, I hope to improve with the future Foundations projects that I will encounter.

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